No to Trump – some next steps for a new movement


London’s Whitehall blocked by over 30,000 people on Monday evening

The US

Trump sacks the acting Attorney General, saying she has betrayed the government for declaring his racist travel ban illegal.

His press secretary says complaints that the White House’s message on Holocaust Memorial Day did not even mention Jews are “pathetic”.

Senior Republicans in Congress complain that they were “kept in the dark” about the Order.

Senior Democrats rush to airports to be filmed supporting protests which originated and are driven way beyond the Hillary Clinton campaign last year. It acknowledged in October that it faced an “enthusiasm gap”. Well – there’s no lack of enthusiasm across these rising protests now.

Opponents of Trump in the US political system and state have overseen their own terrible policies, including under Obama. But in opposing Trump now they have to – either intentionally or by the logic of events – go outside of the golden circle in Washington and encourage collective resistance which is anything but a part of the partisan game in the beltway.

So Obama breaks all norms, says he opposes Trump’s racist ban and supports the protests at US airports.


Unprecedented protests of tens of thousands take place on a Monday night against Trump and him visiting the country.

The leader of the opposition says Labour will vigorously oppose and will support the demonstrations.

A petition against Trump and his visit is now approaching one and three quarters of a million people.

The parliament calls on the US government to drop the racist ban.

The foreign secretary complains that people are “demonising Trump”.

The prime minister refuses to join the parliament in opposing the ban, but merely says that Britain does things differently.

She says Trump will come to Britain, as she stands alongside the Irish prime minister who himself is facing a revolt over his intention to visit Trump in Washington.

It is revealed that May was privately briefed about the incoming ban when she met Trump. But she did not say so and pretended she knew nothing.

She lied – either because she agreed with the ban and did not want to say so, or because she was too weak to say no to Trump.

Her big push to appear strong on the world stage is turning into an incompetent shambles.

Weak, lying and incompetent – that’s the picture that is emerging of the British prime minister. People might put up with one or other of those characteristics, but they won’t put up with all three for very long if they come to see that that’s what Theresa May is.

Any cautious thought that the initial wave of protest – the women’s marches 10 days ago – would be the peak has now gone with the wind. This is not a spasm of opposition to be followed by bitter and grudging acquiescence.

The first wave of protests has brought out people who have never demonstrated before. They have seen in a few days that they can have an effect. They protest – it is mentioned in parliament, MPs come to visit their protest, the leader of the opposition supports them and calls for more, the demonstrations are in every news outlet, the government faces growing demands to back down.

Millions more have seen that. And more too can feel that they can stand up and be counted at this moment and change things.

Large numbers of people in Britain will only just today be discovering that there is a petition of unprecedented size.

They will know something is going on, but they won’t yet know the things that those who have already protested know.

If they get to know those things from those who do know, then many will join in.

Simple things and basic points:

Do you like the idea of a sexual predator who calls women “pigs” being treated as “our closest friend”? Come join the protests – he’s not welcome and his racist ban must go.

Obama says he is against Trump’s racist ban and says it’s right to protest against it. Why won’t Theresa May say that? We should make her listen.

Trump’s government says it’s “pathetic” to to talk about Jewish victims on Holocaust Memorial Day. We have to take a stand today – never again!

Gay people are frightened that he is coming for them next – first the Muslims and the refugees, then the gays… We’ve all got to add our names, get out on the streets and stand together. We won’t let this happen.

He’s a billionaire who made his money by cheating his workforce and small contractors. He’s a fraud. That’s why he gets on with half the Tory cabinet.

This is racism – of the worst kind. If you are banned from travelling because of what you look like or your religion. What comes next? We cannot allow that to come next.

Millions of people are up in arms against this in the US. Saying no to Trump is not being “anti-American”, it’s standing with most people in America.

The Tory government are not ignoring the protests. Look at the news – they are all over it. Far from ignoring them, the government is looking closely at them and is very worried. We can force them to end this shameful relationship with Trump.

Margaret Thatcher said that the poll tax would stay for ever. Six months later the poll tax went and so did she.

Theresa May is no “iron lady”. She’s weak and shifty.

So let’s join the movement, get people to sign the petition, go to the demonstration in London or elsewhere on Saturday. And let’s see what we can do in our area, school, college, workplace, church, mosque, synagogue, gay village, community group, trade union and neighbourhood… on- and offline.

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