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Wagenknecht’s line: not just about adapting to racism – but also liquidating the radical left

German socialists of the anti-fascist movement have highlighted this report of a meeting of left politician Sahra Wagenknecht’s Aufstehen (Get Up!) formation in Rostock, east Germany. It’s a city the fascist right has sought to build in since unification in … Continue reading

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Storybook revolutionaries

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Originally posted on Lost Lesbian:
I filled in this survey the other day. It’s a research project looking into the idea of the abolition of legal gender. The questions are awkward – there’s a lot of confusion and conflation of…

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What’s a ‘deep state’ – and does Britain have one?

“When asked what he would do if the ‘deep state’ tried to block Mr Corbyn’s foreign policy aims, Mr Murray said: ‘We would rely on the mobilisation of the mass of people as we did in 2003.’” That’s how the … Continue reading

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Amnesty International and the Gender Recognition Act consultation

Originally posted on Karen Ingala Smith:
Amnesty International are peddling distortions about trans homicides to push a trans activist agenda regarding the Gender Recognition Act consultation. They said: “Trans women are suffering violence and abuse because they are trans. Over…

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